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In this fast pace of life, where everything has become a rapid shot, one has to look for alternatives that can result in immediate success. Particularly, the world of students is often seen trapped in a limited time capsule while running in a race. However, you as a student do not need to stress out as there is a qualification like Higher National Diploma or HND which is the very sacred call for the students who wish for their careers to take-off soon instead of waiting to invest three to four years in a degree program. Like in all qualifications, students need to manage their HND assignments in HND qualification as well. Students can get HNDs in the following fields as well:

  • HND in Accounting:
    You can get HND either in financial reporting, managerial reporting, or auditing. HND accounting prepares you in accountancy career ahead by giving you expertise in following areas:
    • Research Skills
    • Auditing
    • Income Tax
    • Business Communication
  • HND in Business and Finance:
    Studying in this program can make you an expert in either Management Studies or Financial Management.
  • HND in Business Management:
    If you want to gain quick expertise in marketing, finance or business strategy like courses then HND in business management is best choice for you.
  • HND in Engineering:
    If you are a student with a keen interest in assignments like power, plant or hydraulic principles etc., then HND is best qualification for you.
  • HND in Designing:
    For a student passionate about designing, you would be thrilled to learn about various fields like photography, graphic designing and marketing etc.

HND Assignments-An Essential Part of the HND Qualification

HND assignments are considered the back bone of HND. As, HND is partly theoretical, partly vocational, therefore, a lot of assignments are need to be written along with lots of practical work as well.

What are the types of HND assignments?

HND is versatile diploma and therefore, includes assignments in various fields such as:

  • HND Business Assignments
  • HND Law Assignment
  • HND Computer Science Assignment
  • HND Science and Engineering Assignments

What are general components of HND Assignment?

HND has similar components like all other types of assignments that are:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

How to write HND Assignment?

These points are basic essentials of writing an HND assignment as it is vocational and theoretical; therefore you as a student may have to combine your theoretical and practical learning together.

  • Note down important details like
    1. Assignment Due Date
    2. Word Limit
    3. Keywords
    4. Mode of language
  • Plan about
    1. Introduction
    2. Number of paragraphs in body
    3. Conclusion
  • Do Research to
    1. Add variety of resources
    2. Avoid Plagiarism
  • Make a Draft
    1. Create a first copy of assignment
    2. Gather all data in a draft

  • Check your Work for
    1. Spelling Errors
    2. Grammatical Errors
  • Edit and Redraft to Check
    1. If all questions are answered
    2. If proper references are added
  • Final Checking and Submission
    1. This requires final touch-up and proof-reading of the entire document

What in involved in HND assignment writing?

  • Concept Explanation:
    Explaining the concept on grounds of your understanding
  • Summary:
    Explaining any journal article or any data briefly
  • Critical Review:
    Critically analysing information and presenting it in an understandable manner.
  • Literature Review:
    1. Gathering data from sources
    2. Interpretation of Data
    3. Presenting the findings
  • Case Studies:
    Evaluation and examination of some business situation and using the results to explore theoretical situations of business
  • Essay Writing
    1. Thesis statement
    2. Body Paragraph
    3. Concluding Paragraph
  • Financial Analysis:
    Involves analysing a company’s financial performance and stating recommendations
  • Business Report:
    Includes the following contents:
    1. Cover Page
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Executive Summary
    4. Company Overview
    5. Industry Analysis
    6. Customer Analysis
    7. Competitive Analysis
    8. Marketing Plan
    9. Operation plans
    10. Management Team
    11. Financial Plan
    12. Appendix

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